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Abe's Old Fashioned Frozen Custard

Abe's first opened in June 2013. Over fifty years ago an ice cream stand stood in the same location. When the owners began remodeling the building, they discovered the old glass block walls and even the original serving window! Today the same frame for that original window exists, as does the old fashioned charm.


Abe's features the thickest, creamiest premium frozen custard in the region. Our frozen custard is made on site every day with local dairy products and our very own unique recipes. With a variety of toppings and sauces, the options are limitless! Come create your own milkshake, sundae, or Delite.


What is Frozen Custard?


Frozen Custard is a frozen dessert similar to ice cream but has a minimum of 10% butterfat and 1.5% egg yolk. These ingredients give custard a thick and creamy texture. Frozen Custard is made in a special machine to minimize air content, which makes it dense and smooth on the tongue.


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